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Scenario Description: An employee, Cindy, has been assigned to give some potential clients a walk-through of their business facilities.  The spokesperson for the client’s group is Theresa.  She is accompanied by Sally and Eddie. 

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NarratorAn employee, Cindy, has been assigned to give some potential clients a walk-through of their business facilities.  The spokesperson for the client’s group is Theresa.  She is accompanied by Sally and Eddie.
CindyHi.  My name is Cindy.  I’m the CEO’s administrative assistant.  I’ve been assigned to give you a walk-through tour of our facilities.
TheresaHi, Cindy.  My name is Theresa.  Please call me Terri.  This is Sally and Eddie.
CindyIt’s very nice to meet all of you.  Shall we get started then?
TerriYes, let’s.  (let’s get started)
CindyWe’re on the first floor.  On this floor, we have offices, a cafeteria, and a childcare center.
TerriOh, you offer childcare services for your employees!  That’s a nice touch.
CindyYes, that’s one of our main attractors, to be honest with you.  Childcare is sooo expensive these days.  Having a childcare center at the workplace is a godsend for working mothers.
SallyWe can all agree on that!
CindyLet’s visit the Childcare Center first.
NarratorCindy leads the group to the east side of the building where they enter the Childcare Center.  There they see two women supervising about ten kids of various ages playing games together.
TerriWow, I like the way you have this place organized!  Play tables in that corner, a TV/VCR setup in that corner, and floor play area in the center so you can keep all the kids in sight at all times.
CindyYes, our childcare center supervisors are Julie, the blonde woman over there, and Alicia, the brunette over there.
NarratorJulie and Alicia look over at Cindy and the visitors, smile and wave, and then go back to their duties.
CindyDo any of you have small kids?
SallyI do.  Two girls aged 3 and 5.  I would kill to have a workplace with a childcare center!  Terri, take note, please!
NarratorAll the girls laugh.  Eddie is a single guy and so is not impressed by the childcare center.
CindyNext stop will be the cafeteria.
NarratorCindy leads the group west to the cafeteria.  Upon arriving there, she points out the various sections of it – hot meals, deli (cold sandwiches), salads, desserts, beverages, coffee mess, and fast-food vending machines.
CindyWould anyone like a coffee or tea while we’re here.  You can carry it around on our tour.
TerriThat would be great.  I’ll have a coffee…
EddieCoffee, please.
NarratorThey all proceed to the coffee mess, fix their self-serve beverages, and proceed to the cash register.  Cindy pays for everyone using her corporate charge card.
CindyOkay, let’s go back to the office area and go up to the second floor, and I’ll show you our data center.  We’ll take the elevator for everyone’s convenience.  If anyone wants to take the stairs for exercise, we can do that too.
EddieI sprained an ankle while riding my bike, so the elevator sounds like a great idea!
CindyThe elevator it is then!
NarratorThey enter the elevator, Cindy pushes “2” on the control panel, and they exit at the second floor.  There are rows and rows of floor-mounted and wall-mounted servers.  The room temperature is about 65°F (18.3°C).  Several technicians are walking around checking that all the equipment is operating normally.  All the workers are wearing sweaters.
CindyAs you can see, we have a state-of-the-art data center with only the most advanced servers.  Very fast and efficient. 
SallyBrrr.  Why is it so cold in here!
TerriHaha.  Servers like it cold, Sally.  They generate a lot of heat doing all that data processing.  If you suffer from hot flashes, a data center is a great place to work!
NarratorAll the women laugh at this comment.  Eddie seems puzzled by the inside joke.
CindyOh, I failed in my host duties.  I should have pointed out that we have stairways in the two diagonal corners of the building.  In the event of a fire, those are the preferred evacuation routes down to the first floor.  Then we would go out the front door into the parking lot.
TerriSafety first, I always say!  Do you have any fire drills scheduled for today?
CindyNo, so if we hear a fire alarm, we should assume it’s genuine and evacuate promptly while staying together.
TerriAs expected.  Same policy at all work places.
CindyExactly.  Okay, let’s get back to the elevator, and we’ll go up to the third floor.  That place never ceases to amaze me.
NarratorThey take the elevator up to the third floor.  When the door opens, their ears are assailed by a flurry of activity.  Printers are whirring and buzzing, and several small groups of workers are assembling various pieces of equipment in different corners of the room.
TerriWow!  What a colorful sight.  It’s as busy as a beehive in here!
CindyYes.  This is our 3D printing area.  We use 3D printers to print all component parts and assemble fully operational equipment right here alongside the printers.  We can build office furniture, modular cubicle walls, desks, and a host of other business needs.  Everything is computerized and digitized.  Please come with me.
NarratorCindy leads them over to a technician and asks him for some 3D-printed keychains with the company logo on them.  Cindy hands one to Terri, Sally, and Eddie.
CindyHere!  Have a souvenir from your visit here.
TerriCute!  Thanks!
SallyHey, can I get another one for my husband?  We like to have his/hers pairs of everything.
NarratorSally has a pink one, so Cindy gets a blue one for Sally’s husband.
CindyOkay, any questions so far on what you’ve seen?
TerriHow in the world does a 3D printer work?
CindyWell, I’m not an IT guy, but my understanding is that, instead of ink, a 3D printer contains a liquid filler material that its “printhead” oozes out in a 2D manner like it would print on paper.  The material hardens quickly.  Then the printhead moves upward in tiny increments and prints another layer according to data in the digital print file.  By printing thousands of 2D layers on top of each other successively, the result is a 3D object printed as if it were poured into a mold and solidified.
SallyWow!  Good explanation!  I can almost picture the process in my mind.  You should be a teacher!
NarratorThey all laugh at this observation and nod their heads in agreement.  They all proceed back down to Cindy’s desk on the first floor.
CindyWell, that concludes the walk-through tour.  I hope you learned a little bit about our company, and I hope we’ve convinced you to come back and do some business with us.  This is my desk and you all have my business cards.  If I can be of any further help, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or visit!
TerriThanks, Cindy.  It was a very informative tour.  I am very impressed with your facilities here.  I noted that all the employees seem to be very content with their work and workspace.  It’s a wonderful atmosphere here — modern, clean, bright, professional-looking.  We’ll certainly be bringing you some business in the near future.
CindyGreat.  Would you like me to escort you out?
TerriNo, that’s not necessary.  We can find our own way.  Sally, Eddie, do you have any questions or comments for Cindy before we leave?
EddieNo, as Terri said, it was very informative.  I was likewise impressed.
SallySame here.  Wonderful facilities!  I enjoyed the tour a lot, especially watching those 3D printers work!  It was almost mesmerizing to see one in action.
NarratorThey all laugh and nod their heads in agreement.  Then the visitors take their leave and exit the building.
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