T.Lee’s Life Story – Chapter 10, Retirement

This post will describe the final chapter of my life — my retirement — the inevitable end that we all come to sooner or later.  At age 65, I became eligible for and enrolled in a government-subsidized medical/health insurance program called Medicare. My wife had some good fortune in the stock market with Tesla stock, so I was able to retire at age 66 with all my major debts paid off, except for one house mortgage, which was being paid for by a renter. So it looks like at this point that I have enough of a nest egg to make it to the end of my life, I think. I am now 69. I’ve enjoyed my life to this point. I’ve traveled in many different states and countries, seen different cultures, done many things, raised two wonderful kids, have been happily married to my wife for 40 years and counting, and my wife and I still able to play tennis together. I am content with my life and ready to let go at any time without regrets.

I may continue to do intermittent contract work while working from home as opportunities arise, but I am no longer a slave to the rat race. At this point, I’m just biding my time as the clock ticks down, teaching English online for free as a time-killer. My hopes of traveling at this point in my life have been dashed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted for two years. My family and I all caught COVID-19 and have whatever natural immunity that confers upon us. We aren’t traveling yet because we don’t desire to get the required vaccinations and booster shots being demanded by the airline industry in order to travel. Once we are able to travel freely without fear of vaccination requirements and quarantines for one or two weeks, we still hope to do some traveling, to England and perhaps one or two other places.

This concludes the story of my life for the most part.