T.Lee’s Life Story – Prologue

Whenever an event happens that is so important to the world that it may happen only once in a person’s lifetime, American newspapers will often describe this type of event as “The (news) Story of a Lifetime!” For this blog, I have chosen this title, half in seriousness and half in jest, because this blog is about my entire life from start to finish, for the most part. In this blog I am going to reflect on my life and describe how I got to where I am today.  I hope that you find this blog both entertaining and educational. My purpose in writing this blog is to achieve the following goals:

  1. To help me reflect on how I arrived at this point in my life and to check if I am on the correct path to reach my desired final destination
  2. To document the story of my life to share with my friends and family so that they may learn from my life experiences, both good and bad, and apply these lessons learned to their own lives
  3. To recommend to my readers between 30 and 40 years old that you sit down right now and write a similar blog with the same goals in mind
  4. To suggest a paradigm for my readers to use to chart the course of your life and to recognize when a waypoint has been reached that may require you to make a life-altering decision.
  5. To teach the student some new vocabulary words
  6. To teach the student some interesting facets of American culture

In Goal #1, if I find that I am not on the correct path, then this blog will alert me that I need to make a mid-course correction in my life. What do I mean by a mid-course correction?  I set my goals in life beginning at Point A. My goal is to reach Point C by retirement age.  After half my life is gone, I find myself at Point B and a straight line drawn between Points A and B will miss Point C. Thus, I need to make a mid-course correction from Point B directly to Point C, to get back on track as it were. Otherwise, I will never arrive at my goal at Point C.  Point B is an intermediate point where the pilot has to make a mid-course correction to get back to his original course.

Plane needing a mid-course correction

Coincidentally, it looks like my life will have 10 chapters to it, so Chapter 1, “My Childhood”, will follow shortly in this blog series. Watch for it!