Looking for a New Doctor

Scenario Description: Cindy has just relocated to a small town and needs to find a new family doctor.  She is presently at home and has just called the doctor’s office.

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NarratorCindy has just relocated to a small town and needs to find a new family doctor.  She is presently at home and has just called the doctor’s office. 
OfficeHello, this is Dr. Peterson’s office.  How may I help you?
CindyI’m new in town and I need to find a new doctor.  Are you accepting new patients?
OfficeYes, we are.
CindyI’d like to make an appointment for a routine medical checkup.
OfficeOkay, we can help you with that.  May I get your name and phone number?
CindyMy name is Cindy Crawford.  My cell phone number is 222-111-3333.
OfficeAnd when would you like to make an appointment?
CindyAs soon as possible, I guess.
OfficeOkay, our next opening is next Wednesday at 2:00 pm.  Would that work for you?
CindyNext Wednesday at 2:00 pm?  Yes, that will work.
OfficeOkay, you’re scheduled for next Wednesday at 2:00 pm.  Please come in about 20 minutes before the appointment time so we can have you fill out a health questionnaire and make copies of your driver’s license and medical insurance card.  Also, you’ll need to bring in a list of all medications you are presently taking.
CindyOkay, thanks!
OfficeIs there anything else I can help you with today?
CindyNo, that’s all.
OfficeOkay, then.  Thank you for calling.  Have a nice day.  Goodbye.
NarratorWednesday, 1:30 pm, arrives.  Cindy enters the doctor’s office and goes to the receptionist window/counter.
CindyHi, I’m a new patient.  My name is Cindy Crawford.
OfficeOkay, can I have your driver’s license and your medical insurance card so I can make copies for our records?
CindyHere you go.
OfficeThanks, I’ll be right back(Receptionist makes copies of the cards.)  Okay, here are your cards back.  Please fill out these new patient forms.  Here’s an ink pen.
CindyOkay.  (Cindy takes her cards back, sits down, and fills out the forms, which ask her about her medical history, medications, her family’s medical history, name, address, phone number, employer – the usual stuff.  Cindy then hands the paperwork back to the receptionist.)
OfficeOkay, please have a seat and wait for your name to be called.
NarratorLater a nurse opens the door to the inner office and looks around.
Nurse“Cindy Crawford?”
CindyYes, that’s me. 
NursePlease come with me.
CindyOkay.  (Cindy follows the nurse into a patient room off to one side of the corridor.)
NurseLet me take your blood pressure and check your pulse and temperature.  (She does so and records the results on a paper form.)  Please wait in this office and the doctor will be right with you.
CindyThanks.  (Nurse closes the patient room door.  Time passes and someone knocks gently on the door; Cindy answers in a loud voice.)  Come in.
DoctorHello, I’m Dr. Peterson.  I’m pleased to meet you.
CindyHi, I’m Cindy.  Likewise.
DoctorOkay, Cindy, what’s the reason you came to see us today?
CindyI’m new in town and I’ll be here for about a year, so I need to get a new doctor to monitor my family’s health while we’re here.  I just came today to get a baseline routine medical checkup.
DoctorOkay.  Are you experiencing any pain or other medical problems at the moment?
CindyNo.  Everything’s fine.
NarratorThe doctor asks a few questions, does a quick examination of Cindy’s eyes, ears, mouth, listens to her heart beat and breathing, and is satisfied with everything.
DoctorOkay, everything looks good and sounds good.  Do you have any questions I can help you with?
CindyNo, everything’s good.
DoctorOkay, just check out with the front desk when you leave.  It was nice meeting you, Cindy.
CindyIt was very nice meeting you as well, Doctor.  Thanks!
NarratorDoctor leaves and Cindy checks out and goes home.
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