Filling Up at a Gas Station

Scenario Description: Carl and Sheila are driving along an interstate highway.  Carl is the driver; Sheila is the passenger.

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NarratorCarl and Sheila are driving along an interstate highway.  Carl is the driver; Sheila is the passenger.
CarlThe gas gauge is showing about one-eighth full.  We’d better stop for gas at the earliest opportunity.
SheilaOkay, let me search for gas stations on the GPS.  It shows a Mobil gas station about 5 miles ahead – Exit 32.
CarlOkay, Exit 32 it is!  There’s Exit 32.  We’ll exit here and get gas.  (talking to self)  Move to right lane, take exit ramp, pull up to stop sign.  Take a right…and there’s the Mobil station on the right.
NarratorCarl pulls into the gas station and stops the engine.  He looks at Sheila and stares at her.
SheilaOkay, okay, I’ll pump.  (She gets out of the car, removes a credit card from her purse, and begins talking to herself.)  Okay, open gas cap, swipe card, car wash question – no, put away credit card, select Octane 87, remove nozzle, insert nozzle into gas fill tube, squeeze handle and hold.  Gas pumping…2 gallons, 4, 8, 10, 12.  Gas flow stops.  Put nozzle back in pumping station.  LCD display asks if I want a receipt — yes.  Take receipt.
SheilaHey, Carl.  I’m going to go use the restroom.  I’ll be right back.  Buy me a cup of coffee, will you?
CarlaOkay.  (Carl enters the convenience store and begins talking to himself.)  Get coffee cup and lid, decaf or regular?, she likes regular, dispense a cup of coffee, open three creamers and dump into the coffee, does she like sugar?, no, grab some small white-powdered donuts for myself, grab a bottled water, and go to cashier.
CashierWill that be all?
CarlYes.  (Carl pays with cash and returns to the car.  Sheila is sitting in the car on the driver’s side.)
SheilaI’ll drive for a while.  You can ride shotgun.
CarlDeal(Carl gets into car.)
Sheila(Starts engine, puts car in gear, exits the gas station, takes the entrance ramp, and re-enters the interstate heading towards their destination.)  Okay, we’re on the road again.
CarlWant a donut?
SheilaEww!  Too sweet.  No, thanks.  I’ll just sip on my coffee.
CarlThe GPS shows we have about 200 more miles to drive.  Should take us about three hours.
SheilaWhy don’t you sync your cellphone and play us some music on the radio from your personal music directory.  I hate listening to the commercials on the radio.
CarlYou got it.  (Carl syncs his phone with the car radio via Bluetooth.  Radio begins playing music.)
SheilaThe trip has been uneventful so far.  Let’s hope it stays that way…
NarratorSuddenly, the right rear tire blows out, and the car jerks to the right.  Sheila grips the steering wheel more tightly and steers the car to the side of the road, which has a wide shoulder.  She stops the car and turns on the emergency flashers.
CarlThanks a lot, Sheila!  You know better than to say something like that.  Now you’ve jinxed us!  I’ve got to get out in the hot sun and change the tire.  Oh, maaaaan.  (Carl has a look of dismay on his face.)
SheilaSorry.  My bad.  (Sheila gives Carl a genuinely penitent look.)
Carl(Takes the spare tire out of the trunk, jacks the car up, removes the nuts, changes the flat tire, puts everything away, slams the trunk shut, and gets back inside the car, sweating profusely.)  Whew!  It’s hot out there.  Okay, let’s get going…and please don’t jinx us again.
SheilaDon’t worry.  I’ve learned my lesson for today.  Mum’s the word.  (Sheila focuses on her driving after that.)
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