Medieval Times – A Dinner Theater

Angie is an American college student who has volunteered to take a couple of international exchange college students out for a night on the town. She is taking them to a dinner theater show in Orlando, Florida, USA, called “Medieval Times”. Mei Lin is from China and Yuri is from Russia. It is 9:00 pm and night has fallen. They have just bought their admission tickets and entered the main entrance hall.

Lunar Landing

An international space mission is in progress. An orbiter spacecraft is orbing the moon. It is carrying a lander vehicle that is designed to land on the moon and take off again to return to the orbiter. There are two astronauts and a cosmonaut aboard the orbiter. The mission commander is Susan Ivanovich, a Russian. The copilot is Neil Armstrong and the First Engineer is Buzz Aldrin, both Americans

Job Interview Experience

Lex is arriving at an office building to be interviewed for a job opening. He is dressed in a nice blue suit with a red tie and black patent-leather shoes. He enters the lobby and looks at the building directory. He finds that the office he is looking for is on the 16th floor. He enters the elevator and pushes the button labeled 16. The elevator dings and the doors close. Two other people are in the elevator with him. The elevator begins moving upward, dinging once as it passes each floor. It stops on the 12th floor and one passenger gets out. It stops again on the 14th floor and the remaining passenger gets out. Luther exits the elevator at the 16th floor and proceeds to the reception desk.

International Teleconference Meeting

The headquarters of the Nexus Corporation needs to hold a teleconference to announce several new corporate-wide initiatives they are going to implement soon. The CEO presses the intercom button on his desk to buzz his secretary.