T.Lee’s Life Story – Chapter 10, Retirement

This post will describe the final chapter of my life — my retirement — the inevitable end that we all come to sooner or later.  At age 65, I became eligible for and enrolled in a government-subsidized medical/health insurance program called Medicare. My wife had some good fortune in the stock market with Tesla stock, so I was able to retire at age 66 with all my major debts paid off, except for one house mortgage, which was being paid for by a renter. So it looks like at this point that I have enough of a nest egg to make it to the end of my life, I think.

T.Lee’s Life Story – Chapter 8, Westinghouse

Chapter 8 of my life brought me full circle. When I left the US Navy in 1980, I began my professional civilian nuclear career with Westinghouse. After working at Westinghouse for 10 years, I quit Westinghouse in 1990 to do contracting work for higher wages. In 2010, 20 years later, circumstances caused me to return to Westinghouse once again. My second stint at Westinghouse is what this chapter is about.

White-Water Rafting

Four friends are taking a group vacation to Victoria Falls in Africa for a weekend of white-water rafting down the Zambezi River, which forms the boundary between two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. They have just arrived at Victoria Falls and are meeting their tour guide, Hondo.

Walk-Through Tour

An employee, Cindy, has been assigned to give some potential clients a walk-through of their business facilities. The spokesperson for the client’s group is Theresa. She is accompanied by Sally and Eddie.

The Voyager Series Space Probes

An astronomy class has just begun. The homework for the previous night was to read about NASA’s Voyager Space Probe Program. The review of the material will be covered as a competition game, so the students have been divided into two groups – the girls against the boys. The two teams will take turns answering the teacher’s questions. A 100% correct answer scores a point. The team that wins the most points earns one week without any homework along with a few other perks.

Starbucks Get-Together

Teacher Lee is in Beijing, China, visiting James, a Chinese friend of his. Two of James’s friends heard about Teacher Lee’s visit and asked James if they could meet with him and Teacher Lee at a local Starbucks so they could practice their English conversation skills with a real, live, native English speaker. James agreed. James and Teacher Lee have just arrived at the Starbucks store. James’s two friends have not arrived yet.

SpaceX Dragon Class

A high school science class is about to begin. A teacher engages four active students: boys Fernando and Gerard and girls Tracy and Bernadette.

Scuba Diving Adventure

Four friends decide to go scuba diving together one Saturday in the Cayman Islands just south of Cuba. All four are open-water divers certified to go down to 130 feet (40 meters). They have just arrived at the beach where their dive boat is preparing to leave. Scuba is an acronym (SCUBA) that stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. (You may watch a video at )

Renting an Apartment

Laura and Robert are looking to rent an apartment. They have a six-year-old son and no pets. They are looking to relocate to a small town called Stuttgart for a one-year job assignment. They have just arrived in town and checked into the Days Inn and Suites Hotel.