Beach Experience

Scenario Description: Two people take a trip to the beach for some sun and fun in the sand. Dashes of bravado, teasing, mayhem, and revenge have been added for extra flavor.

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NarratorSally and Zach have just parked in a parking lot across the road from a public beach with a concession stand, a beachwear store called “Ron Jon’s Surf Shop”, and a small watersports business run from a thatched-roof shack.
SallyYay!  We’re finally at the beach!  I can’t wait to start working on my tan
ZachWell, first things first.  I need a new bathing suit, so let’s stop by Ron Jon’s first and look around.
SallyOkay, sounds like a plan!  Let’s cross the street at that pedestrian crosswalk over there.
NarratorZach and Sally cross the street and enter the Ron Jon store.  The clerk greets them and asks them what they want.
ZachI’m looking for a bathing suit, size large, big, baggy, with outlandish colors bright enough to scare the sharks away.
Sally(looking doubtful) I think I read that bright colors attract the sharks rather than repel them.
Zach:No matter.  I like to live dangerously anyway.  Where’s the fun in being safe all the time?  On my website where I hang out, there’s a cool saying that goes like this:  A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for.  Man, is that profound or what!  I’m going to live by that creed!
NarratorSally rolls her eyes upward as if to say “if you say so”.
ZachHere’s something like what I’m looking forHang on while I try this on in the fitting room.
NarratorZach tries on the bathing suit, likes it, and buys it.
ZachOkay, that’s done.  Where to next?  It’s your turn to choose.
SallyLet’s hit the beach.  We can eat after we work up an appetite swimming in the waves.
NarratorThey lay out their beach towels on the sand, put up a large sun umbrella in the ground to provide some shade, and then run out and start thrashing about in the rough surf and foamy waves.  After about 30 minutes has passed…
Sally(screaming)  Zach!  Shark!  Shark!  Behind you!  Swim fast!
NarratorWithout looking back and with a look of sheer terror on his face, Zach bolts for the shore swimming as fast as his paddling arms can propel him.  He runs up on the shore and falls down exhausted, his chest heaving.
Sally(slowly exits the water with a smirk on her face and casually says…) I’m hungry.  How about you?
Zach(out of breath, he looks up at her and frowns deeply) There was no shark, was there?  (he said in a deeply humiliated tone)
SallyNope!  (she said triumphantly)  Just teaching “Danger Man” a lesson.  Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?  (then she laughs merrily)  Let’s go eat!  I’m as hungry as a, well, ravenous shark, I suppose.
NarratorThey go to the concession stand, buy some cokes and hot dogs with catsup, mustard, and relish, sit down at a small table, and hungrily wolf down their food.  Having devoured their meal, they head back to their beach towels on the beach.
SallyOkay, now that that’s done, let’s put on some sunscreen and soak up some rays for an hour or two.
Zach(his breathing now having returned to normal) Okay.  I’m ready for a nice snooze in the sun.  That gentle ocean breeze is just right.
NarratorAfter an hour, Zach wakes up, notes that Sally is sleeping on her back, and gets up.  He walks over to the concession stand and buys what appears to be a large bucket of popcorn.  He walks back to Sally and proceeds to dump the popcorn – no, wait, it’s not popcorn!  Yikes!  It’s ice! – down on Sally’s nice, hot, exposed, sun-baked belly.  She screams, leaps up off the ground, and looks daggers at him.  He laughs.
SallyYou are so dead!  (she said icily)
NarratorZach decides that discretion is the better part of valor and takes off running like a bullet , with Sally close behind him, fingernails extended like a wild jungle beast’s claws.
ZachI give up!  I give up!  (he shouts breathlessly, after 5 minutes of being chased around the seashore)
SallyYou’d better!  You owe me big time, Zachary Taylor!  It may take two dozen roses, a $100 dinner, and a diamond ring to erase that cardinal sin.  You are so indebted to me.  (she said with a triumphant glare in her eyes)